Food Styling

Like any star of film or screen, a fair amount meticulous primping is necessary to prepare food for it’s closeup. Much like a hairstylist or makeup artist prepares a model for a photo session or filming, a food stylist prepares edible products and artfully arranges them so a photographer or videographer can get the perfect shot. If your mom always told you not to play with your food, she would be quite horrified by the hands-on perfecting that is required to make food ready to be a star. 

Food stylists often share common “ingredients”, a passion for food, an eye for tiny details and a very hands-on approach to priming the food for it’s photo or film debut. As for me, add one part perfectionist. 

I’ve styled food for TV commercials, TV segments, packaging, editorial, and advertising and am thrilled to have worked with notable food stylists from New York, Chicago and Vancouver.

I am available as a food stylist and food styling assistant.  Please contact me for rates.